Moths undergo tremendous change as they transform from a cocoon to a caterpillar to a winged insect. They also seek the light. As such, moths are traditionally regarded as a sign of enlightenment, change and adaptability.


The Hermaphrodite Moth series are drawn with ink on paper, but with a drawing impediment. The impediment limits control over the sketching and only allows one half of the moth to be drawn at a time. Two moth halves are then paired to make a whole moth. The Hermaphrodite Moth represents the wisdom to adapt to our everchanging environment and to embrace the imperfection.


These ten drawings are for sale as part of a fundraiser for Artists at Risk (@artistsatrisk), a non-for-profit who help artists in danger due to war and other hardships. Fifty percent of the sale price will be donated to Artists at Risk. The remainder, after shipping, will help support my art practice. If interested in a drawing, please click "Inquire About."